Forests and Biodiversity

Ghana has a wealth of biodiversity, but there are many threats from human activities and many species are threatened by extinction. We work with communities and other stakeholders to encourage and enable sustainable resource use and management to the threats to biodiversity area reduced. Read more

Climate Change

Being situated in tropical Africa, Ghana is already experiencing the severe impacts of climate change most especially rising temperatures and more severe floods and droughts. The programme raises awareness about climate change, and also about how we can both mitigate and adapt to its impacts. Read more


Women and girls in many countries, including Ghana, are denied equal access to resources such as fertile land, and services such as education and healthcare. They are marginalised and powerless. But gender equality is critical for sustainable development. Our programme raises awareness and implements practical action towards the empowerment of women and girls.

Environmental Rights

Everyone of us is entitled to a certain set of rights, and many of these are environmental rights. These recognise the right of all of us to adequate environmental protection that enables us all to live in a healthy environment and have access to enough quality environmental resources for a healthy life. They include, for example, the rights to potable water for drinking, clean air to breathe, and uncontaminated soil to grow our crops. However, many of these rights are consistently undermined, most often by the activities of big business. 

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