Old Projects


Forest & Biodiversity

The report contains the baseline and indicators that civil society, the government and other stakeholders can use to monitor for changes towards good governance. Read more about the project and download the full report here

Women Empowerment

We have two projects helping women farmers improve farm productivity and environmental sustainability, adapt to climate change impacts, participate in environmental decision making, and improve their access to resources such as fresh water.

Water and Sanitation

Our project empowering rural communities to demand water and sanitation services from their District Assemblies has recently closed. We have a final project report with an overview of what we did and the results we achieved here


One major stakeholder that can contribute much to forest monitoring as part of forest governance is the forest fringe communities who serve as the grass-root stakeholders. Until now, they have not had much involvement in monitoring forest operations due to low capacity and knowledge.

Forest Governance Impact Monitoring

After the initial meeting with various key forest stakeholders, it was decided that the three areas were too broad and the project should instead focus on only one area – forest governance – to ensure coverage in sufficient depth and breadth to give a reliable baseline (final report available at the end link).


The ‘Strengthening civil society, informal sector and private sector participation in forest law enforcement and governance’ (SCIPFLEG) project to reduce illegal logging recently closed and we have an overview of the activities, results and achievements here.


The CiSoPFLEG project is a 3-year project that supports the EU FLEGT VPA process in four countries across West and Central Africa. Details of the project can be found below, with links to annual project updates. We will continue to share resources related to FLEGT on this page.

Lake Bosumtwe

Lake Bosumtwe in Ghana’s Ashanti Region is one of the world’s six major meteoric lakes and believed to be around 1.3 million years old. The area is rich in biodiversity including several species endemic to the lake. 

Tafi Atome

For the Tafi Atome community in the Volta Region, the Mona monkeys (Cercopithecus mona) are sacred creatures. They have protected them and their habitats for over 200 years. But when Christianity was introduced, those traditional beliefs became eroded, as did protection of the monkeys.

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